Nature’s Sun

Nature’s Sun is an organization with a global vision. What if we could see the sunrise or sunset in all 4 quadrants of the earth within a 24-hour period on the same website? If you record videos of nature and this interests you, please review the “Collaboration” post in the details tab.

The only way to achieve such a vision is to join with others throughout the globe. Nature’s Sun also created a way to allow artists to make a profit on their footage, keep their copyrights, and become a part of a community of viewers and other artists. This is the software that is intended to be created, but programmers are needed, because the vision is much larger than what is stated on this page. If you are an experienced programmer, please see the “Collaboration” post in the details tab.

Once this organization grows large enough, the plan is to implement the software required for this vision on www.NaturesSun.org.

Lastly, the ultimate goal is to be converted into a 501(c )4 non-profit, which allows the ability to lobby, especially for protecting nature and our rights to access it safely. This also means contributions are not tax deductible. This organization is open to considering investors, and is prepared with a presentation. Should you be interested, please proceed to the “Collaboration” post in the details tab.

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