Ophi Hawk is the founder of Nature’s Sun, which was started on YouTube in April 2020, shortly after the pandemic hit. Everyone was told to stay in the house and there was a curfew. Then the George Floyd riots occured, which made the curfews even stricter.

Sun chasing for Ophi began in 2016, and there were periods of her life that she saw the sunrise every morning. After 2 months of being stuck in the house with the pandemic she decided to see the sunrise regardless of the restrictions, because it is essential to her well-being. The curfew ended at 6am, and the sunrise was around 5:50am. Also, it is best to arrive early to catch the Sun when it first emerges.

When she arrived, there were cops driving back and forth, until they finally parked nearby as a hint to leave after a 15-minute sunrise recording session. She posted the first sunrise on YouTube, because she thought other people may want to see it during this pandemic.

The lobby idea came from the hiking trails being closed at that point too. She thought lobbying could possibly help us get badges to record nature in areas where others were not allowed, and then share it with everyone. Thereafter, the cops have kicked her off a sunrise spot, and the beach twice, because she was too close to the curfews. It is understandable to have curfews, but it does not seem fair when it interferes with the hours of sunrise and sunset.

To clarify, the oracle card readings are specific to her YouTube channel, and is not part of the greater vision for this organization. The purpose of the cards are to allow us a chance to heal inside and outside, as we ponder how each card may apply to our lives or not.

All the products sold or videos created by Nature’s Sun are there to empower people to do their own research, and be inspired by hers and others. With nature footage, sometimes it tells a story or life lesson, which is displayed with words or no words. Other times, the nature footage is so peaceful, it is best left as is.

Ophi Hawk’s background is mostly in auditing and technical writing, which means she is good at researching, presenting, and referencing her sources. The topics she presents are intended for us to question our environment, and how we honestly feel about ourselves and others.

For more about Ophi Hawk, check our her website:

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