We are creating lists of people interested in each aspect of Nature’s Sun vision. Please use the contact tab to send an email, and let us know which list(s) you would like to be on. Once this company has grown enough to involve your participation, you will be contacted.

Contact Tab


  1. Viewer: Free account
  2. Member: Monthly fee with perks
  3. Artist: Please send links to your publicly available work
  4. Programmer: Start-up and software maintenance thereafter
  5. Contributor: Merchandise and perks
  6. Investor: Expects cash related returns

Also, please note that you are not committed to anything you signup for. The goal is to see how many people are interested and have a starting base to potentially pull from once the software is rolled out.

The links below are excerpts of the current draft of Nature’s Sun business proposal on our affiliate’s website Seamless Financial Solutions.

Please note the original idea was supposed to be called A.E.O.N (artist’s expression of nature), but that is obviously way too long.

Eventually a more updated draft will be created to a technical writing standard with REA diagrams similar to what you see on However, in the IT world, ER diagrams are the new standard, which will be considered in the next draft of this business proposal. Please send an email using the contact tab, if you are interested.

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